Lower maintenance costs – less down time


reguLiQ enzymes dissolve and prevent the build-up of carbon deposits on piston heads, valves, injectors, shafts, etc. This results in less wear and tear on the engine.
A cleaner engine and fuel system emits fewer hazardous gases.


Clean fuel – improved combustion – increased fuel efficiency

Cleaner fuel leads to improved combustion quality which in turn gives greater engine performance and increased fuel efficiency.


Less sludge and various other contaminants in fuel tanks and systems

reguLiQ enzymes are highly effective at removing bottom sludge (yeasts, fungi, microbes and bacteria) and various other contaminants in fuel tanks.
Regular and consistent fuel treatment with reguLiQ enzymes leads to a permanent clean-up of the fuel system.


reguLiQ enzymes clean and optimize the performance of liquid hydrocarbons such as marine gas oil (MGO), marine diesel oil (MDO), diesel, biodiesel, petrol and heating oil.

Benefits of using reguLiQ enzymes:

  • Reduced emissions (NO2), soot by up to 50%

  • Up to 50% lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption by up to 12% – CO, CO2, according to

Variations are possible due to the level of fuel contamination and fuel quality.
Standard fuel specification is still guaranteed