and optimizing fossil fuels

biological catalysts for regulating

reguLiQ enzymes —

reguLiQ enzymes clean and optimize the performance

diesel, biodiesel, petrol and heating oil.

of liquid hydrocarbons such as marine gas oil (MGO), marine diesel oil (MDO),

+ significantly reduce your carbon foot print

reguLiQ enzymes —

clean engine, fuel and fuel tank

+ increased fuel efficiency

Reduced emissions
soot by up to 50%

Up to 50%
lower repair and
maintenance costs

fuel consumption
by up to 12% –
CO, CO2, according to

Dear customers, business partners, interested parties, we thank you for your active interest and your visit to us at the reguLiQ booth of the SMM 2018 in Hamburg!

Meet us again 2022 in Hamburg!

SMM 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

left: Our booth/ Rolf Isele, Stephan Drayer
middle: Blue hour on the common booth of InWaterTec
right: Maritime_Innovation Pitching Event, Hamburg Harbour