reguLiQ enzymes is a proven organic, microbiological fuel technology which prevents the buildup of contaminants in your fuel system, and increases your fuel efficiency.

The system has been developed over many years of research by combining biotechnology and enzymes which act as powerful catalysts dissolving and preventing the build-up of contaminants throughout the entire fuel system. Each enzyme has its own unique molecular structure and reacts exclusively with the matching substrate (target molecule) contained in fossil fuels.

reguLiQ enzymes are added during fuelling or bunkering at a ratio of 1:10.000


10.000 liters of fuel requires 1 liter of reguLiQ enzymes
50 liters of fuel require 5 milliliter of reguLiQ enzymes

reguLiQ enzymes react with hydrocarbon structures at the molecular level, releasing more potential energy. This process does not change the characteristics of fossil fuels, as is the case with chemical additives, and additionally has no aftereffects and no by-products. reguLiQ enzymes are harmless to the environment, engines and their components.

The positive effects of reguLiQ enzymes are instantaneous and treated fuels can be used immediately. The more efficient combustion burns fuels and enzymes completely. Because reguLiQ enzymes are organic in nature, no additional harmful exhaust gases are emitted.


How reguLiQ enzymes work

reguLiQ enzymes reach their optimal performance in three phases:

* Variations are possible due to the level of fuel contamination and fuel quality
* Standard fuel specification is still guaranteed